Ticket Prices

- Reserve your Parking Spot for as low as $25.
- Reserve a Parking Spot and a Food Combo (1 Large Popcorn and 2 Medium Drinks) for as low as $40.

Booking your parking spot online is encouraged.  Tickets are sold by carload only.  Passes cannot be used to purchase Drive-In Parking Spots at this time.

Concession Stand

The concession stand and restrooms will be open inside the theatre lobby.  Come inside to get popcorn, drinks, food, candy, and more.  If you purchased a "Carload with Food Combo" ticket, please show your confirmation to the cashier inside the theatre lobby to pickup your items.

What you need to know before you arrive:

- If possible, please drive a small car.  If you only have a large SUV or truck, please park in a spot in the rear of the parking lot.  You may be asked to move to a different space if obstructing the view of other vehicles.

- If you plan to open your rear hatch door, we suggest parking in the back row.  Otherwise, you might block the view of other vehicles.  Please be prepared to lower your rear hatch so it is even with the top clearance of your vehicle.

- You may bring outdoor chairs to enjoy the movie outside of your vehicle.  Please respect the space of those around you (stay 6 feet away from other groups).

- You will need a FM radio to hear the movie.  We recommend bringing a battery powered portable radio.  If you plan to stay inside your vehicle, make sure that you are able to operate the FM radio with the engine and lights turned off.

- Once you are parked and for the duration of the movie, your vehicle's engine and lights must be completely off.  No exceptions.

- The show will go on rain or not.

- The parking lot will open at 6:45pm.  Plan to arrive early so you can find your parking spot and visit our concession stand inside the theatre lobby.

- The movie will begin after sunset at approximately 7:30pm.

- Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.

- Please keep the parking lot clean by taking trash with you or using the trash cans.

COVID-19 Policies:

As a locally owned family business, the well-being of our customers and our staff is a top priority.  Here is what you can expect:

- If you or anyone in your party does not feel well, please stay home.

- Masks when outdoors: Maryland law requires masks to be worn outdoors when it is not possible to socially distance six feet.

- Masks when indoors: All customers over the age of five are required to wear a mask while inside the theatre lobby, concession area, and restrooms.

- In our lobby and facilities, we will help our customers practice physical distancing with floor markers, signage, and other barriers to decrease personal interaction. 

- We will continue to follow CDC guidelines to ensure our facilities are clean and sanitized to meet the highest of standards.  We will regularly clean touched surfaces including counters, door handles, bathroom fixtures, etc.

- Hand sanitizer dispensing stations are available throughout the lobby.

- Our staff members will be wearing a mask at all times.

- Please practice social distancing of at least 6 feet when you are outside of your vehicle or inside the theatre lobby.

- Do not congregate with people from other groups.