Horizon Cinemas Aberdeen offers a special catering menu for parties and events.  See details below.

ItemQuantityServing SizePrice
Flatbread Cheese Pizza (12" square)Approx 3-4 people10.00
Flatbread Pepperoni Pizza (12" square)Approx 3-4 people12.00
Chicken Tenders
Large18 TendersApprox 6-9 people22.00
Medium12 TendersApprox 4-6 people14.75
Small6 TendersApprox 2-3 people7.50
Mozzarella Sticks w/ Marinara Sauce
Large18 SticksApprox 6-9 people22.00
Medium12 SticksApprox 4-6 people14.75
Small6 SticksApprox 2-3 people7.50
Boneless Wings (Buffalo or BBQ)
Large30 WingsApprox 6-9 people25.00
Medium20 WingsApprox 4-6 people16.75
Small10 WingsApprox 2-3 people8.50
Fries (Waffle Fries or Tots)
Large33ozApprox 6-9 people13.00
Medium22ozApprox 4-6 people8.75
Small11ozApprox 2-3 people4.50
Large16oz cupsUp to 40 people45.00
Small16oz cupsUp to 20 people25.00